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Hempacco And High Sierra Team Up In A Joint Venture To Launch Low Odor Hemp Smokables

Hempacco Co., Inc. HPCO has entered into a joint venture agreement with High Sierra Technologies, Inc. HSTI to manufacture, market, and distribute low odor hemp cigarettes and smokables based on the patented and patent pending technologies of HSTI as well as the patented and patent pending technologies held by Hempacco.

On November 7, 2022, HSTI and Hempacco formed a new Nevada corporation known as Organipure, Inc. HSTI and Hempacco each own fifty percent of the equity interests of Organipure. HSTI has developed and patented the technology to produce low-odor cannabis and hemp consumer products. This technology allows one to enjoy the benefits of smoking cannabis and hemp, without the lingering pungent smell associated with smoking cannabis and hemp. HSTI owns the patents and the patents pending for this technology.

Hempacco also entered into a hemp smokables manufacturing agreement with Organipure where it will manufacture hemp smokables for Organipure as the exclusive worldwide manufacturer and supplier of hemp smokables to Organipure. Hempacco will now be able to produce hemp cigarettes without the unwanted cannabis aroma. Hempacco can then add aromas using the terpene spraying patented technology held by Hempacco and infuse the filter, using certain other patents held by Hempacco to achieve the goal of Disrupting Tobacco. Hempacco owns the machinery and has licensed the patents for the application of this technology.

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Photo: Courtesy of Hempacco Co., Inc. and High Sierra Technologies, Inc.

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