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Is Cannabinoid Therapy Effective In Improving Sleep Quality? These Companies Partnered To Find Out

Ekosi Health, a Canadian-based and Indigenous-owned healthcare provider specializing in clinical cannabinoid therapy, entered into partnership with Cerebra, a sleep technology company, as the partners run an observational study that will assess the effectiveness of cannabinoid therapy on sleep quality. Cerebra’s Sleep System and its proprietary Odd Ratio Product sleep depth metric are being utilized in the comfort of participants’ homes to evaluate the effectiveness of cannabinoid therapy, objectively.

With over 27,000 patient interactions, Ekosi Health has seen success in improving conditions ranging from chronic pain to substance misuse. Although some preliminary evidence shows a positive impact on sleep improvement from cannabinoid therapy, mixed results remain highlighting the need for a landmark study and further research. “The Cerebra Sleep System uses a patented algorithm, Odds Ratio Product, that micro-analyses the electroencephalogram signal providing a continuous measure of sleep depth, moving beyond conventional scoring methods to dig deeper into brain activity,” stated Dr. Amy Bender, Cerebra’s director of clinical sleep science.

The origin of the observational study arose as a result of the Bioscience Association Manitoba’s Advancing Healthcare Initiative, funded by Prairies Economic Development Canada. This initiative was designed to connect healthcare innovators with clinicians to assess and assist in the real-world application and evaluation of innovators’ technologies, inspiring collaborations like Ekosi Health and Cerebra’s.

Post conclusion of the observational study, Ekosi Health and Cerebra expect to extend the partnership to produce further valuable insights into cannabinoid therapy and sleep research.

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