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World Series Game 6: Philadelphia Phillies 1-4 Houston Astros – as it happened

Final thoughts

Okay, that ends the on-field pageantry and that ends today’s coverage of what ended up being the final game of the 2022 World Series. While you should continue reading the Guardian in the upcoming days for further coverage of the Houston Astros’ pathway toward the second championship in team history, this marks the end of our Game 6 liveblog. Thanks to everybody who followed along with us throughout the World Series, especially those who contributed. It’s always appreciated. Ciao!

What’s next for Dusty Baker?

“Party!” he responds

That sums it up for Houston. The only thing left is for Jeremy Peña to get awarded the MVP of the 2022 World Series.

As always, the first two people to speak in the World Series presentation are the owner and the GM and I’m sorry but nobody cares about them.

It’s not until Baker is introduced that fans really respond which, again, is extremely understandable.

When the Houston Astros hired Dusty Baker as manager, it was after the whole sign-stealing scandal emerged. They picked him because they knew that baseball people liked him and, even if they could not root for the Astros themselves, they couldn’t help but feel happy for Baker.

It was one of the most cynical moves I’ve seen any sports team make, but it definitely has worked out as they hoped.

Alright, as is tradition here at the Guardian, we will stay here for a bit and cover the presentation of the World Series trophy and the MVP announcement before wrapping up our live coverage.

Per @EliasSports, a city has never lost two major professional sports championships in one day.

Philadelphia is on the verge of doing just that (MLS, MLB).

— kev (@kevtaddei) November 6, 2022

It turns out that losing in the MLS Cup Final right before Game 6’s first pitch was not, in fact, a good sign for Philadelphia.

Well, the Eagles remain undefeated, at least?

The Phillies had all the momentum after the first three games, even giving themselves a chance to win in Philadelphia.

However, the Astros pitching turned things around in their Game 4 combined no-hitter and the Phillies struggled to score over the next few games.

Still, it was an impressive run from the sixth-seeded Phillies who were never supposed to even be in this position, unlike the Astros who had established themselves as the most dominant team in the American League all season long.

The Houston Astros have beaten the Philadelphia Phillies in six games to become the winners of the 2022 World Series! Manager Dusty Baker has won his first ring!

Phillies 1-4 Astros, FINAL

Castellanos flies out to Tucker in foul ground and the Astros are your 2022 World Series champions!

Phillies 1-4 Astros, Top 9th inning

Bryce Harper is up and the best he can do is make it a one-run game.

Instead, he flies out to left field. The Astros are one out away from winning their second World Series!

Phillies 1-4 Astros, Top 9th inning

J.T. Realmuto is out now. He hits a base hit to center field on the first pitch he sees. The start of a potential rally?

Phillies 1-4 Astros, Top 9th inning

Ryan Pressly is out to close a potential deciding World Series game. One has to imagine that he is stressed out! He faces Hoskins, who swings and misses at the first pitch he sees. The next is a ball. 1-1. Hoskins fouls it off. 1-2. He then pops it up to Tucker. The Phillies are down to their final two outs.

Major League Baseball and it’s disdain for one of sports’ oldest and most enjoyable concepts: the hot hand. MLB would take the ball out of Michael Jordan’s hand on a games final play because the defense has seen him for four quarters. Man, it’s so tiring. @HunterFelt

— David Lengel (@LengelDavid) November 6, 2022

I am perfectly okay with the idea of pulling your starter too soon rather than doing it too late but… there were no indications that Wheeler was tiring one bit. It was just a baffling decision.

Phillies 1-4 Astros, Bottom 8th inning

So that’s down in the bottom of the eighth. Kyle Tucker is up with bases empty. Robertson gets ahead of him 1-2. Tucker flies out to center field and we’re heading into the ninth inning. The Astros are three defensive outs away from their second World Series. (And their first one that won’t come with mountains of controversy.)

Oh wow, the umpires actually review the call at second base and call Bregman out. They overturned an actual wrong call! It feels weird that this is surprising, but such is MLB in 2022.

Phillies 1-4 Astros, Bottom 8th inning

Robertson gets ahead of Bregman 0-2 before throwing two straight balls, presumably attempting to start a fishing exhibition. No dice. The third ball isn’t close enough for him to swing either. 3-2. Bregman fouls off the pitch. 3-2, still. With the next pitch, Bregman hits a single that he extends to a double with a nifty slide.

Oh actually he’s clearly out on replay. But nobody cares at this point in the game.

Phillies 1-4 Astros, Bottom 8th inning

Old friend Dave Robertson gets Álvarez to strike out on four pitches.

That bunt was so bad that FOX is running the “Dusty Baker finally wins a World Series” footage now rather than waiting. This feels unjinxable with the Phillies down to three outs and looking clearly defeated.

Did I just see the most astonishing bunt attempt in MLB history?

— Jon Weisman (@jonweisman) November 6, 2022

He lead the NL in home runs, didn’t he?

Phillies 1-4 Astros, Top 8th inning

Schwarber comes into an inning where he’s not the leadoff man. Didn’t think that was legal. He takes an Abreu strike and then a ball in the dirt. 1-1. He fouls the next pitch off. 1-2. He shows bunt with two strikes, fouls it back and that will be a strikeout to end the inning.

Also: why was he bunting in that situation? That made no sense! It feels like the Phillies know they’re done.

Phillies 1-4 Astros, Top 8th inning

The very hairy Brandon Marsh, who had the worst at-bat of the entire World Series on Thursday, is now up as a pinch-hitter. He takes a strike and then two straight balls. 2-1. He hits a long flyball that Tucker corrals in the outfield. The Phillies now have four outs remaining in their season.

Phillies 1-4 Astros, Top 8th inning

Bryan Abreu is facing a pinch-hitting Bryson Stott. The Phillies need to score at least three runs in exactly six outs.

Now they have five outs left. Stott hits a hot shot to third for the first out of the eighth.

All I’m asking for is to hear the “Everywhere” commercial just one more time before this World Series ends. That’s not a lot is it?

Phillies 1-4 Astros, Bottom 7th inning

Is Peña the World Series MVP at this point? There’s not an obvious candidate this time around—assuming that the Astros hold on to finish off the Phillies—so he seems like a good candidate. The broadcast mentions that he’s hitting over .400 in the series.

This time around he strikes out on three pitches, something which probably doesn’t help his case.

Phillies 1-4 Astros, Bottom 7th inning

Altuve is up again. He gets ahead 2-1, he’s been uncharacteristically patient today. He fouls off the next pitch. 2-2. He golfs this ball to left field for a two-out double.

Phillies 1-4 Astros, Bottom 7th inning

Every time Maldonado is up the announcers point out that he’s one of the worst offensive players but an extremely valuable player because of what he gives you at catcher. Honestly, at this point, if I’m Maldonado I am just downright taking it personally.

On 1-2, he hits a ball with a lot of authority, but it ends up just being a long fly. Two down in the seventh.

Phillies 1-4 Astros, Bottom 7th inning

Zach Eflin, whom I will attempt not to call “Zack Elfin” like I feel like I have in the past, is up pitching for the Phillies hoping to at least keep them within striking distance. One more run and this one’s completely dead as opposed to mostly dead.

Eflin is pitching to McCormick, who takes a ball and then fouls off the next pitch. 1-1. He fouls off another. 1-2. He holds off on a ball. 2-2. He fouls off the next pitch. Still 2-2. Then he gets McCormick to chase for the first out of the inning.

An additional email from Sir Richard:

Yes, pulling Wheeler made little sense, but it isn’t even close to having the spectacular effect Kevin Gausman being pulled in the second AL Wild Card game had. Not. Even. Close.

Richard Woods, frustrated Blue Jays fan

You know that was so long ago at this point that I will have to take your word for it.

Seventh inning stretch

This Cool James fella, I’ve heard that Ladies Love him.

Phillies 1-4 Astros, Top 7th inning

Jean Segura is up next with two out and the bases empty. Segura also falls behind 0-2. Neris is locked in, it seems. Segura can’t check his swing on a splitter in the dirt and that’s a 1-2-3 inning.

That’s not what Philadelphia needed at all. The exact opposite, in fact!

Phillies 1-4 Astros, Top 7th inning

Make that eight innings for the Phillies to play around with. Bohm is up next. He falls behind 0-2. He would fall behind 0-3, but there’s no such count in baseball so he merely strikes out for the second out of the inning.

Phillies 1-4 Astros, Top 7th inning

Hector Neris is out to pitch for Houston. Castellanos is up for Philadelphia. He takes a ball, a strike and then fouls off a pitch before popping up.

Phillies 1-4 Astros, Bottom 6th inning

I’m not going to say it’s over because I want everyone to keep reading, but it certainly feels out of reach. Dominguez gets Mancini to ground out to the end the inning but the damage has definitely been done. The Astros score four in the bottom of the sixth to take a three-run lead. The Phillies have nine more outs to extend their season and, you know, the whole baseball season.

Phillies 1-4 Astros, Bottom 6th inning

Seranthony Dominguez is out there now to face Christian Vázquez. He hits a single and Bregman scores!

Zack Wheeler was pulled from the game after 5 1/3 innings. He had given up only 3 hits and thrown 70 pitches. First batter that relief pitcher Jose Alvarado faced… 3-run homer.

— Matthew Seedorff (@MattSeedorff) November 6, 2022

It makes less sense the more you look at it. Sort of like a Kyrie Irving press statement.

Email from Pam Walker:

Alvarez is hot again!!! Let’s go Astros!!

He may have just crushed Phillies’ hopes. In the meantime, Philadelphia goes to the pen once more.

Phillies 1-3 Astros, Bottom 6th inning

Kyle Tucker works a full-count with Bregman now on second base. Alvarado finally gets him to strike-out on the eighth pitch of the at-bat.

Phillies 1-3 Astros, Bottom 6th inning

Alvarado’s first pitch is wild, Bregman takes second base.

Now I’m really mad I didn’t tweet pulling Wheeler was a mistake, @HunterFelt #lazy

— David Lengel (@LengelDavid) November 6, 2022

Behind the scenes peak: I was so confused when they cut to a commercial! I had to double-check and figure out what happened before I realized that the Phillies had pulled Wheeler.

Phillies 1-3 Astros, Bottom 6th inning

Alvarado is now facing Alex Bregman and he throws three straight balls to him. It really does seem like these Astros hitters are so relieved that Wheeler is out of this game. Bregman eventually walks on six pitches.

not thrilled about this decision

— JokerSince22 (@FanSince09) November 6, 2022

Phillies fans weren’t happy about that pitching change beforehand and I can’t imagine they are thrilled now.

Phillies 1-3 Astros, Bottom 6th inning

Jose Alvarado will be the one pitching to Álvarez, whose swing has decided games in this postseason. It seems like a panic move to pull the starter here, considering that Wheeler hadn’t lost anything but, again, it’s “all hands on deck” for Philadelphia.

Alvarado’s first pitch is fouled off. 0-1. His next pitch isn’t anywhere close. 1-1. The next pitch is too high. 2-1. The next pitch, Álvarez crushes it for a three-run home run! The Astros have a lead just like that!

Phillies 1-0 Astros, Bottom 6th inning

The key here is that the Astros only have one out and Altuve on third base. They can tie this game up without the benefit of a hit. Álvarez is up and the Phillies immediately go to their pen.

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