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Virtus Diversified Income & Convertible Fund Announces Distributions

HARTFORD, Conn., Dec. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Virtus Diversified Income & Convertible Fund ACV today announced the following monthly distributions:

Amount of Distribution


Record Date

Payable Date


January 19, 2023

January 20, 2023

February 1, 2023


February 10, 2023

February 13, 2023

March 1, 2023


March 10, 2023

March 13, 2023

April 3, 2023

Under the terms of its Managed Distribution Plan, the Fund will seek to maintain a consistent distribution level that may be paid, in part or in full, from net investment income and realized capital gains, or a combination thereof. Shareholders should note, however, that if the Fund’s aggregate net investment income and net realized capital gains are less than the amount of the distribution level, the difference will be distributed from the Fund’s assets and will constitute a return of the shareholder’s capital. You should not draw any conclusions about the Fund’s investment performance from the amount of this distribution or from the terms of the Fund’s Managed Distribution Plan.

The Fund provided this estimate of the sources of the distributions:

Distribution Estimates

November 2022 (MTD) 

Fiscal Year-to-Date


Per Share


of Current

Per Share


of Current

Net Investment Income

$             –

0.0 %

$      0.005

0.3 %

Net Realized Short-Term Capital Gains

0.0 %


33.5 %

Net Realized Long-Term Capital Gains


100.0 %


66.2 %

Return of Capital (or other Capital Source)

0.0 %

0.0 %

Total Distribution

$     0.180

100.0 %

$     1.800

100.0 %


Fiscal year started February 1, 2022

 Information regarding the Fund’s performance and distribution rates is set forth below. Please note that all performance figures are based on the Fund’s NAV and not the market price of the Fund’s shares. Performance figures are not meant to represent individual shareholder performance.

October 31, 2022

Average Annual Total Return on NAV for the 5-year period (2)

10.58 %

Annualized Current Distribution Rate (3)

10.31 %

Fiscal YTD Cumulative Total Return on NAV (4)

-17.51 %

Fiscal YTD Cumulative Distribution Rate (5)

7.73 %


Average Annual Total Return on NAV is the annual compound return for the five-year period. It reflects
the change in the Fund’s NAV and reinvestment of all distributions.


Annualized Current Distribution Rate is the current distribution rate annualized as a percentage of the
Fund’s NAV at month end.


Fiscal YTD Cumulative Total Return on NAV is the percentage change in the Fund’s NAV from the first
day of the fiscal year to this month end, including distributions paid and assuming reinvestment of those


Fiscal YTD Cumulative Distribution Rate is the dollar value of distributions from the first day of the fiscal
year to this month end as a percentage of the Fund’s NAV at month end.

The amounts and sources of distributions reported in this notice are estimates only and are not being provided for tax reporting purposes. The actual amounts and sources of the distributions for tax purposes will depend on the Fund’s investment experience during the remainder of its fiscal year and may be subject to changes based on tax regulations. The Fund or your broker will send you a Form 1099-DIV for the calendar year that will tell you what distributions to report for federal income tax purposes.

 About the Fund

Virtus Diversified Income & Convertible Fund is a diversified closed-end fund that seeks to provide total return through a combination of current income and capital appreciation, while seeking to provide downside protection against capital loss. The Fund strives to dynamically allocate across convertibles, equities, and income-producing securities. The Fund normally invests at least 50% of total managed assets in convertibles and has the latitude to write covered call options on the stocks held in the equity portion. Virtus Investment Advisers, Inc. is the investment adviser to the Fund and Voya Investment Management is its subadviser.

For more information on the Fund, contact shareholder services at (866) 270-7788, by email at, or through the Closed-End Funds section of

Fund Risks

An investment in a fund is subject to risk, including the risk of possible loss of principal. A fund’s shares may be worth less upon their sale than what an investor paid for them. Shares of closed-end funds may trade at a premium or discount to their net asset value. For more information about the Fund’s investment objective and risks, please see the Fund’s annual report. A copy of the Fund’s most recent annual report may be obtained free of charge by contacting “Shareholder Services” as set forth at the end of this press release.

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