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NAHCO Is Making Nigerians Catch Feelings Instead of Flights

Early on January 23, 2023, many Nigerians arrived at various airports across the country, hoping to catch flights to their destinations. However, they soon discovered that the only thing they’ll be catching is feelings of anger, frustration and disappointment.  

What happened?

Around 12 am on January 23, 2023, the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO) workers embarked on an indefinite strike due to grievances with their management. 

This left many passengers stranded as airlines have no choice but to reschedule or cancel their flights. But what exactly is NAHCO, and why are they important?

What is NAHCO?

The Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO), established in 1979, is in charge of the service sector of the aviation industry. They provide aviation training, crew transportation, cargo and passenger handling, aircraft handling and refuelling. They offer these services to about 35 domestic and international airlines including Dana, Air Peace, Qatar Airways and United Airlines.

How would this strike affect the country?

Loss of revenue

This isn’t Nigeria’s first rodeo when it comes to strikes in the aviation industry. However, it consequently always leads to losses running into millions of naira. A spokesperson from Air Peace reported that the recent strike would result in a ₦500 million loss for them. 

NAHCO Flights Stranded Passengers

Our reputation continues to suffer internationally

A plane under Qatar Airways had to return to Doha empty because no one could load or check passengers’ luggage. Also, many local and foreign travellers are stranded in airports around the country because of this strike action. Nigeria is no stranger to international disgrace. However, situations like this don’t send the right message, especially less than a month before the general elections.

It’s almost like we intentionally wave red flags to foreign investors.

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