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These 7 Jobs Should Be Bigger Than They Are

Some professions are more respected and loved than others. And some are just plain underrated. Here are some jobs we actually shouldn’t look down on because they’re really amazing.

Town crier 

Imagine waking up to a bell and someone giving the whole town hot gist? The gossip levels will increase, and it’ll foster town unity. 


All the thinking you’ve been thinking for free, where has it taken you? Nowhere. At least, let your overthinking put food on your table and a roof over your head. It’s time to start asking yourself the difficult questions. 


Imagine being able to turn copper into gold? Or lead into silver? 

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Someone who helps people to recall the names of everyone they’ve met. In this era of short-term memory, this should be a massive profession. Do you know how many awkward situations would be prevented if someone actually remembered names on people’s behalf? 

Food tasters 

With the rise of village people, it’s important for you to have someone taste the food you want to eat. 


Are you tired of always snoozing your alarm and waking up late anyway? Well, a knocker-upper’s job is to wake people more effectively… by beating you till you wake up. You’ll never miss an alarm again. 


Bell-ringing is a pretty accurate way to tell time for those who run from their responsibilities.

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