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Ubi Franklin talks about the trials of a made man on “Tea With Tay”

Taymesan is back with a new episode of his podcast, “Tea With Tay.”

In the first episode of the new year tagged ‘The Trials of a Made Man,’ Ubi Franklin talks about his childhood days, losing his dad, moving to Lagos, hustling, getting a job with Julius Agwu, setting up a music label, and working with his first talent, Iyanya. See some excerpts below:

On things he would have done better with MMMG in the early days:

I was really not much open minded at a time in terms of going international in terms of knowing the right things that need to be done in some areas because I basically learned everything on the job. If I was in that place now I would have hired more technical people to handle some technicalities in the business. I would have done more partnerships. Coming back together with Iyanya, you know, those plans are there, we are rebuilding, there are strategic partnerships that are helping us do everything that we’re doing.

On working with Iyanya again:

Even when we went our separate ways, he knew that I really cared about him. One day a friend called me that he was somewhere in one estate and so I went there. He then I said I should come to Iyanya’s house and I said oh, no we’re not talking. We didn’t speak with each for 5 years. 17th of June, 2016. My marriage crashed on the 24th of June of the same year. So I was losing business and losing my home in the same period. After that, in 2018, someone just invited me Iyanya’s house. The guy then told me that he wanted me to talk to Iyanya. We spoke and I found out that he was going through some tough moments at the time but at that point, I don’t think it was the right time for us to come back together…

Watch the full interview:

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