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What Do The Investing Platform Public And US Treasury Bonds Have In Common?

Public, a globally recognized investing solution, announced the launch of Treasury accounts in partnership with Jiko, a financial network for money storage.

What Happened: Public members can invest their cash in higher-yielding U.S. Treasury bills. Proceeds at maturity are automatically reinvested and can be sold at any time.

“We built Public to make the public markets work for all people and this includes financial tools that may not dominate the headlines, but have been a staple for investors for nearly a century,” said Jannick Malling, co-founder and co-CEO of Public.

Why It Matters: According to a Public retail investor report, nearly half of all retail investors want more diversification and balance in their portfolios.

With Treasury accounts, users can diversify their risk across high-yielding cash alternatives and better balance their uncertainties with respect to the path of risk assets.

“Retail investors are evolving along with the market conditions they experience, and we continue to expand our platform to meet the multifaceted needs of modern investors,” said the report.

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