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What to Do With Your Hands When Posing for Pictures

The question on everyone’s mind when they’re getting their pictures taken is, “What should I do with my hands?” Never fear, best in photography and posing activities, Zikoko, is here to save the day. 

Put your hands on your head

This way, your hands aren’t only occupied, but you’ll look like what you’re going through. Let everyone see the picture and know the case is critical and you need help.

Make the sign of the cross

You have to protect yourself from all your village people. Who knows which evil spirit or eyes are looking at your picture? The sign will ward off the bad energy. 

Do as if you’re praying

Put your hands together in front of you. It’s so God doesn’t harshly judge the souls of those who’ll commit sin in their hearts once they see your pictures. 

Put your hands on your waist 

Remember when we used to put our hands on our waist to take pictures as children? Well, maybe it’s time we brought it back. You’ll reconnect with your inner child and keep your hands busy. 

Pull your ears

Not only does this prove you’re invested in finally hearing word, but it gives your face a unique structure.

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Put a finger in your mouth

Channel your inner Nollywood bad gyal and bite your finger. If it doesn’t feel good enough, bite the whole hand. Don’t let anyone stop you from living your best life.

Plug your ears 

You won’t hear anything the haters say about your drip.  

Leave them by your side 

Instead of thinking of which poses will work well with your outfit, lighting and angles, just leave the hands by your side. It’s a little serious, but it’ll never go out of style. 

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