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Apple Approves ChatGPT-Driven App After Investigating Potential For Generating Inappropriate Content

Apple Inc AAPL has reportedly given its nod for an AI chatbot-driven email app called BlueMail following assurances from its developer that it has content moderation tools, reports the Wall Street Journal. 

Last week, Apple delayed the approval of the app to scrutinize whether a feature in the software that uses AI-powered language tools “could generate inappropriate content for children.”

BlueMail had an update blocked as it used OpenAI’s ChatGPT to help automate email writing utilizing copy from previous emails and calendar events.

Apple wanted BlueMail to change its age restriction to 17 and older or include content filtering. 

According to Apple, it has to curate and review each app before approving those for its App Store to keep its products safe for users.

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According to WSJ, Ben Volach, co-founder of the app-maker Blix Inc., told Apple its update includes content moderation and suggested that the company should make public any new policies about using ChatGPT or other similar AI systems in apps. 

Earlier, Volach said it would be unfair to change the age restrictions to 17 years or older, as other apps with AI functions don’t have the same restrictions.

The report states that the BlueMail app is still available for users ages four and older.

Microsoft Corporation‘s MSFT search engine Bing recently released an updated version of its app (which includes ChatGPT) for Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Play Store. 

The Bing app is set to a restriction of 17 years or older due to the ability to find adult content through the search engine.

OpenAI — the company which launched ChatGPT for public testing in November last year — is now offering paid access to businesses that want to use the chatbot’s ability to elevate the performance of their apps and products. 

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