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Elon Musk ‘Had No Friends’ Growing Up, Learned To Socialize By Reading, According To Biographer

In an interesting reveal from Walter Isaacson’s latest biography on Tesla, Inc. CEO and billionaire Elon Musk‘s path to tech stardom was sprinkled with social hurdles

Musk, today’s tech titan and space maverick, was once a lonely child struggling to decode the world’s social puzzles, according to a report by Business Insider, citing Isaacson’s biography.

Maye Musk, the tech billionaire’s mother, enrolled him in the nursery at the tender age of three, fascinated by his fierce intellectual curiosity, noted the report. Yet, school authorities warned of potential social repercussions, given he would be the youngest in class. 

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In the biography, Isaacson notes, “It was a mistake” as Musk began his early education. “Elon had no friends, and by the time he was in second grade he was tuning out.”

Musk’s Childhood Enigma: The Asperger’s Revelation

Unveiling a vulnerable facet of Musk’s life, Isaacson cites that the tech mogul attributed his social challenges to Asperger’s syndrome. 

Business Insider noted Musk’s confession to Isaacson: “I took people literally when they said something. And it was only by reading books that I began to learn that people did not always say what they really meant.” His tendency to focus on “things that were more precise” directed Musk towards engineering, physics and coding.

Family Ties: The Musk Siblings’ Bond Amidst Loneliness

One poignant moment from Musk’s teenage years revealed his yearning for connection, according to Business Insider. 

“He wanted to have friends, but just didn’t know how,” Musk’s mother told Isaacson.

Residing temporarily in Toronto, Musk reportedly shadowed his lively sister Tosca to parties and clubs, clinging to her radiant social circle. 

Ever the vibrant teen, Tosca humorously mandated him to stay “10 feet away” while he silently trailed behind with a book in hand, according to Isaacson. 

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