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Marjorie Taylor Greene Takes A Dig At House Freedom Caucus: ‘I’m Not A Member Of Burn-It-All-Down’ Group

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) labeled the House Freedom Caucus as the “burn-it-all-down caucus,” taking a jab at the conservative organization that removed her from its membership earlier in the summer.

What Happened: Greene, who was expelled from the caucus over the summer, expressed satisfaction in being a “free agent” and focusing on her legislative responsibilities, The Hill reported. 

“I’m not a member of the burn-it-all-down caucus anymore,” Greene told the media.

“I’m a greatly, very happily a free agent and I want to do my job here.”

The caucus members had voted to expel Greene after she supported the debt limit bill, a move that many conservatives, including some caucus members, did not favor. Greene’s exit from the caucus also came after a dispute with Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), a fellow caucus member, which intensified after Boebert forced a vote on her impeachment articles against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas without prior explanation to the House GOP conference.

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Greene’s comments came a day after a group of conservatives announced their intention to withhold support for a Pentagon funding legislation procedural vote over spending concerns. The Georgia Republican has voiced her resistance to the bill, which included funding for Ukraine, a move she opposes. Despite leaving the caucus, she expressed her frustration with her conservative colleagues for not attending private GOP conference meetings while holding press conferences.

“A lot of my colleagues that are saying those things weren’t even in that room, so they weren’t there to hear any of the conversation nor raise their concerns,” Greene said.

“They can’t stand out and hold press conferences but not attend our conference meetings and expect to work things out,” she added.

Why It Matters: Greene’s expulsion from the Freedom Caucus followed a series of confrontations, including her support for Speaker Kevin McCarthy‘s contentious bid for the speakership and his debt deal with President Joe Biden. In July, following the news of Greene’s expulsion from the Freedom Caucus, she referred to the group as “the drama club.”

“I don’t have time for the drama club,” she said back then.

Meanwhile, Greene in August revealed that she is contemplating a Senate run in Georgia, indicating that her political ambitions extend beyond the House.

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