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7 Nigerian Men on Planning Secret Valentine’s Day Treats for the Women in Their Lives

It might still be January, but these men have already set plans in motion to make Valentine’s Day special for their loved ones and significant others.

Demola*, 40

I’m not seeing anyone, so it’ll be my first Valentine’s Day single in a long while. But I’m excited because it’s my mum’s birthday. My siblings and I are planning a surprise. We’re very intentional about the party because we want it to be as memorable as it possibly can for her. We’ve reached out to some of her high school and uni mates, and she has no idea. We also have this cute photo wall with pictures from her childhood that we plan to install. I know I’m going to shed sweet tears on that day sha.

Biodun*, 45

My wife and I have not celebrated Valentine’s Day in a long time, with the pressure from work and raising the kids. It’s generally not easy to carve out time for ourselves. But this year, I want my wife to feel like the days when we started dating. We always made such a big deal of Val’s Day then. We’d wear similar outfits, go out with friends and go hard on gifts. Since our kids are old enough to stay with their grandparents now, we’ll spend two days at a nice hotel on the island. Just the two of us. I plan to drive her from work down to the place. She won’t suspect a thing until that day.

Toba* 33

I know I’ll want to do something that involves being at home. Might just order our favourite pizza and drinks, and chill in our living room. I’m still thinking the whole thing through, but I know food must be involved.

Gbotemi*, 31

I don’t have any ghen ghen thing planned. I want to write a handwritten love letter and put it in her bag. I used to write love letters to her when we started dating and we were both students. I even continued while I was serving. I’d visit her in school and write a love letter that she’d wake up to find in random places like her purse and phone cover. Capitalism has kinda taken that away from us. But I’ll return to the roots this Valentine.”

Ife*, 29

Our relationship is in a complicated place right now, and I’m the problem. Valentine’s Day is a working day this year, but I intend to get her a gown. I saw it on my timeline a while ago and made a mental note to buy it for her. I’ve got more exciting plans cooked up at the office too.

Michael*, late 20s

My girlfriend and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Before you judge, it’s not because we don’t care for each other but because it’s a few weeks between both our birthdays. Hers is February 2nd, and mine is March 2nd, so we focus on our birthdays instead. I try to get her gifts that she’s asked for in the past. Preferably, a request she’s almost forgotten. Last year, I got an artist to make an illustration of her as a waterbender. She’d told me she’d like something like that about two years before. I’ve not concluded on what I’ll get this year, but I’m thinking of a written note and a big teddy bear. She’d mentioned wanting one a few months ago, and I teased her about it. I think it’ll be nice to see her reaction when I give it to her.”

Hassan*, 29

Me and my babe have built a culture around Valentine’s Day. Instead of an all-out celebration, we choose to see it as a reminder of how far we’ve come. We’ve had some issues lately, and even though we’ve talked and trashed things out, she still thinks I’m harbouring resentment against her because she was at fault. For Val’s Day, I want to plan a simple dinner as a reminder of our love, whether or not we are on good terms.

Ayomide*, Early 30s

It’s our first Valentine’s Day celebration as a couple, so I’m considering a special dinner date. Also, her phone has been bad for the longest time, so I’m trying to get her a new phone ahead of the day. I’m caught between an iPhone and a high-end Google Pixel phone, but the exchange rates have made things pricey. I don’t know if I can pull it off. Her birthday is in March, so there’s also that to think about.

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