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Elon Musk Accuses Biden Of Encouraging ‘So Much Illegal Immigration’ For Political Gain: ‘This Explains Why There Are So Few Deportations’


Elon Musk expressed criticism of President Joe Biden‘s approach to immigration, accusing the nation’s leader of deliberately allowing a significant influx of undocumented immigrants into the U.S. in order to shift the country’s political landscape toward a single-party system.

In a post on X on Saturday, the billionaire commented on a report by the Associated Press, which highlighted the Biden administration’s focus on legalizing a large number of immigrants.

Musk wrote, “Biden’s strategy is very simple: 1. Get as many illegals in the country as possible. 2. Legalize them to create a permanent majority – a one-party state.”

Despite having supported Biden in the 2020 election, Musk drew a parallel between the proposed immigration legislation and the deceptively named “Committee of Public Safety,” a political body that was established during the French Revoluation and played a key role in the Reign of Terror.

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He also pointed out the Biden administration’s reduced rate of deportations, suggesting it could be a tactic to garner more votes.

Contrary to Musk’s posts, however, the number of deportations in 2023 almost doubled from the previous year under Biden’s leadership, the Washington Post reported.  The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement deported more than 142,000 immigrants in fiscal year 2023.

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