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If You Invested In Bitcoin Instead Of Buying Super Bowl Tickets Since 2012, Here’s How Much You’d Have Today


The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LVIII to become the first back-to-back NFL Champions in 19 years.

Fans of the team may have shelled out thousands of dollars to attend the game in Las Vegas. Here’s a look at what would have happened if a person invested the amount they would have spent on Super Bowl tickets for the last 13 seasons on Bitcoin BTC/USD instead.

What Happened: Bitcoin was launched in January 2009 with the first 50 BTC mined. The launch of the cryptocurrency, which today is the largest by market capitalization, followed a whitepaper that was released in October 2008.

It took several years for Bitcoin transactions to reach mainstream and it to become easier for users to buy and sell the cryptocurrency on major exchanges.

One of the first-ever recognized Bitcoin transactions happened in October 2009 when a Finnish computer student sold 5,050 Bitcoin for $5.02. Less than a year later, in May 2010, one of the most famous Bitcoin transactions of all-time took place when programmer Laszlo Hanyecz sought out a person to buy him pizza in exchange for Bitcoin.

A person in England spent around $41 to buy pizza from Papa John’s for Hayecz in what is widely believed to be the first retail transaction using Bitcoin.   

Mark Yusko, who is the founder of Morgan Creek Capital and Managing Partner of Morgan Creek Digital, shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, that investing in Bitcoin over Super Bowl tickets is his advice.

“Every year, I advise people to take the money they would have spent on Super Bowl tickets and buy Bitcoin instead,” Yusko said.

Yusko added that people should buy Bitcoin ETFs now and thank him later.  

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Investing in Bitcoin Over Super Bowl Tickets: The price of Super Bowl tickets has risen almost every year and continues to be one of the most expensive sporting events annually.

Sometimes fans shell out thousands to go and support their team and other times fans of the National Football League go to celebrate the potential once in a lifetime opportunity or because the Super Bowl is in a city near where they live.

Here’s a look at how much a ticket to the Super Bowl cost each year since 2012 using data from various sources, including GoBanking and how much Bitcoin a person could buy with the ticket money instead. The value of Bitcoin today is based on a price of $51,053.42 at the time of writing.


Year Super Bowl Ticket Price Bitcoin Price #BTC Could Buy Value Today
2012 $1,200 $5.18 231.6602 $11,827,045.49
2013 $1,250 $20.65 60.5327 $3,040,401.36
2014 $1,500 $699.57 2.1442 $109,468.74
2015 $2,000 $231.57 8.6367 $440,933.07
2016 $2,500 $380.87 6.5639 $335,109.54
2017 $2,500 $1,043.63 2.3955 $122,298.47
2018 $2,500 $9,334.87 0.2678 $13,672.11
2019 $2,900 $3,521.39 0.8235 $42,042.49
2020 $4,300 $9,468.80 0.4541 $23,183.36
2021 $8,609 $39,621.84 0.2173 $11,093.91
2022 $8,869 $42,693.05 0.2077 $10,603.80
2023 $6,800 $22,060.99 0.3082 $15,734.66
2024 $8,600 $48,535.94 0.1772 $9,046.67

In total, buying Super Bowl tickets the last 13 seasons would have a cost of $53,528 per person. This amount invested each year in Bitcoin instead could have generated a sizable return.

In total, the person would have over 314 Bitcoin and have turned their investment of $53,528 into $16,000,633.67.

For comparison, investing the amount of the Super Bowl ticket in the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust SPY would have generated much smaller returns.

An investment in a Super Bowl ticket each year dating back to 2012 based on the prices above and the $507.82 price of SPY stock at the time of writing would be worth $85,999.31 today. This represents a return of 60.7%.

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