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12 Fun Games to Play Over the Phone With a Friend

Is sapa keeping you confined to the house against your will? Do you want to have the best time with your friends without spending a dime? We know a couple of fun games to play over the phone with a friend that’ll send boredom to the ditch from whence it came.

Texting games

These are games you can play over the phone with a friend on apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, X or iMessage. For these games, you only need a willing partner and decent data connection.

Truth or Dare

Photo source: GooglePlay

It’s a WhatsApp game like texting, only that it has an interesting catch to it. Choose truth and you and your friend can take turns asking questions. When you choose to dare, you challenge each other to do something mischievous. 

Emoji translation

Photo source: Pinterest

There’s no better way to test your knowledge of emojis. The rules are simple: Send an emoji or a string of them, and your friend has to try to interpret your hidden message.

Never Have I Ever

12 Fun Games To Play Over The Phone with A Friend

Photo source: Parade

Like Truth or Dare, this game is a great option for bonding over the phone as it helps you to learn new things about yourselves. Take turns asking each other about the deeds you’ve never done. If you’re guilty of the deed, you take a drink.


12 Fun Games To Play Over The Phone with A Friend

Photo source: SnackNation

Pick a category both of you are familiar with. It could be afrobeats, Nollywood, Nigerian current affairs, fashion or anything else. Then, ask random questions from the chosen category. Each correct answer attracts a point.

Word unscramble

Photo: GooglePlay

This is one of the easiest games to play over the phone with a friend who gives strong spelling bee/scrabble energy. Pick a word, and y’all can take turns forming as many words as possible using only letters from the word.

Name That Tune

Photo Source: Tech Edvocate

If you and your friend are music heads, this game should be on your radar. Text some lyrics to your friend and whoever names the song first wins the round.

Mobile app games you can play with friends on your phone

If you need something a little more exciting than text-based games, mobile app games will come through for you. There are several multiplayer games on the Google and Apple app stores on your device.

iMessage games

12 Fun Games To Play Over The Phone with A Friend

This is strictly for Apple users. The iMessage feature on iPhone devices comes with several multiplayer games like pictoword, word streak with friends, X and Os, etc.

Candy Crush

Photo source: GooglePlay

You simply need to invite your friend to join the game, and y’all can crush as many candies as you like until you tire out, or run out of battery.


12 Fun Games To Play Over The Phone with A Friend

Photo source: Ludo Online

If your friend was around, y’all would have pulled out a ludo board and the beat time. But who says you can’t go at it virtually? There’s a digital version that lets you play against each other or team up against another player.

Call of Duty

Photo source: AFK Gaming

You’ll love this if you’re into action games. You can shootout against each other or as a team.

8 ball pool

12 Fun Games To Play Over The Phone with A Friend

Photo source: Google Play

Since any physical hangout costs an arm and a leg these days, playing pool with friends at a lounge may no longer be wise. But this mobile version will more than suffice. The multiplayer game allows you to go head to head with your friend.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Photo source: GSMArena

If you and your friends love arcade racing, you should have this on your list of multiplayer mobile games. You get to pick fancy cars and race against each other all night long.

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