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5 Nigerian Men Talk About Being Made Fun Of Because Of Their Penis Size

If there is a question we have never actually gotten an answer to, it’s how much does size really matter when it comes to sex and penises. We know it does but the question is to what degree? To help gain some insight, we spoke to five Nigerian men about being made of because of their penis size.

Ferdinand, Gay.

My partner has made fun of my penis a few times. He travelled once and we were on a video call and he said he wanted us to wank together, so I brought out my penis and he commented: “this your short dick.” It was so random and I kept thinking about it till I felt bad. I began googling penis enlargement stuff. When I asked my doctor friends, they told me none of those worked. The negative feelings get worse when I watch porn and see the dicks of these men then look at mine.

Tokunbo, Straight.

I have always felt bittered and rejected due to the size of my penis, I always lose my relationships after our first time having sex. Every woman I have been with always feels irritated by the size and it’s never enough. Hooking up and having relationships has been really frustrating for me and my penis size is something I think about almost every day and every minute of my life.

Chikwe, Straight.

I have what I thought was a decent size penis till I started having regular sex and my partners started complaining. Last year, I had sex with a girl who told me mid-sex to stop because she could not feel anything. She told me that if we must have sex, I need to wear a strap. I left, that was beyond insulting. I have looked into penis enlargement but I’m scared of taking the leap.

  JJ, Bisexual.

 It has happened twice, both were women. I sleep with men too and have never been body-shamed by a man yet – I’m surprised too. They both happened while I was in college and the first time I heard it, the girl was a little tipsy and she said “I really wish it was bigger”. It felt like something out of a movie. I think my self-esteem has been severely damaged since. I tend to not go on dates anymore just so I don’t waste anyone’s time and I don’t really talk about it because honestly, there are probably worse things going on and people for the most part think it’s funny and I don’t want to be made fun of. 

Ife, Straight.

When it comes to this penis thing, I have suffered. The first time I realized it was really small was when I sent a dick pic to someone and she replied ‘wow’. Then she blocked me. One time, I was being intimate with someone and in the middle of her giving me a blowjob, she stood up and said she can’t do it anymore. That it was like licking a stick sweet. People act like size doesn’t matter but it does. I don’t date anymore, I hookup once in a while and it tends to happen once and they never come back for seconds and I know why. 

  • Names have been changed for the sake of anonymity.

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