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5 Nigerian Men Talk About The Best Part Of Being Married

I have been putting out journo requests – open calls asking people who have experience or insight with a particular thing to reach out to so you can interview them for a story – long before I started working at Zikoko. However, I have never seen a lack of response to a journo request I have put out like I did with the one I put when I decided to write this article.

The tweet I put out asking for Nigerian men to DM me about the best part of being married got more than 200 retweets – that is a lot more retweets than my average journo request gets. So the lack of responses – at least in the quantity I expected and I am used to getting – from Nigerian men willing to talk about the best part of being married left me wondering if it was indicative of something else.

However, these five Nigerian men were willing to share what the best of being married is to them.


I think the best thing about being married is that you are married to your person. Someone you can be yourself with and not be judged, someone you can be vulnerable with and not be called weak. Someone to share all your wins and fails with. Someone that makes you know you aren’t alone.


For me, the best part about being married is that I get to wake up every day, as I have for the past six years next to my crush. We have so many inside jokes to the point of almost feeling like we have our own language. We’ve never fought (yes, disagreements but not fights). It’s the best thing about my life.


The best part of being married to me is that I always have someone. I was an only child growing up so having someone that goes hard for me, the way I. go hard for them is mindblowing and new and very different. I am grateful.


In 2019, I got fired from my job and the day I came back, I didn’t even need to tell my wife. She just knew. She never used it against me even we quarrelled, she just took care of the bills – both what she normally paid for and what I was supposed to pay for. I got a new job almost eight months later and she didn’t for once make me feel like a failure or anything at any point. I got her a car last November because it was the only way I could think to make her feel appreciated. That understanding and support I get from my marriage is the best thing.


I think I owe my life, the way it is now, to my wife. When we were dating, I said I wanted to go into photography. She bought me my first camera with money she stole from her dad. When I moved to marketing, she was the one that secured my first interview for me. When I said I wanted to my Masters, she was the one that helped me research. Do you know how people pray that the Holy spirit should go before them and behind them? For me, it’s my wife that goes before me.

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