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Eaze's 'State of Cannabis' Data Report: How Consumers Reacted To Crises, What New Markets Can Learn

California cannabis delivery platform Eaze recently released its annual “State of Cannabis” data report, an analysis of cannabis product trends, buying habits, consumption preference, and more. This report was focused on how cannabis consumers responded to crises in 2020.

The findings go beyond consumption trends. The report also provides lessons for investors, businesses, and elected officials in new markets that are in the process of creating regulations.

“2020 completely changed the narrative on cannabis delivery, by showing it’s an essential service consumers need for safe access. Delivery is not a nice-to-have – it’s a must-have. That’s an important learning for the industry, investors, and regulators in new markets,” said Eaze CEO Ro Choy. “We hope this detailed demographic data on California’s massive delivery market will help other states make smart, informed choices.”

As the nation grappled with a global pandemic, civil unrest, anti-racism protests, election season, and more, Eaze’s data showed that consumers relied on cannabis delivery to navigate the year.

The company also saw a significant rise in first-time customers relying on cannabis delivery for safe access, but specifically edibles, which accounted for nearly a quarter (22.6%) of Eaze’s sales last year.

The national dialogue around Black Lives Matter protests drove a spike in conscious cannabis consumption: 9.5% of Eaze’s customers chose products from companies led by diverse founders, accounting for $2.6 million in sales for BIPOC brands on the platform.

Also included in the report were insights on the top selling holidays in 2020, compared to 2019. See the chart below.

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