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New Acquisitions and Partnerships Position Charge Enterprises as a Global Leader in Eco-Conscious Transportation and Infrastructure

Change Enterprises (OTC: CRGE)—the portfolio of communication, infrastructure, and transportation companies formerly known as TransWorld Holdings, Inc.—is looking toward a future that is technologically advanced, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible.

The company’s vision aligns with the growing need for transportation and communication solutions that fit with our increasingly digital world and utilize innovative clean technology. There is a lot of action in the space, including Blink Charging Co (NASDAQ: BLNK), Switchback Energy Acquisition Corp (NYSE: SBE), and Newborn Acquisition Company (NASDAQ: NBAC). However, Charge is in an excellent position to lead the charge.

Charge Is Shaping the Next Generation of Autonomous Last Mile Delivery

The autonomous last mile delivery market is projected to grow to $84.72 billion over the next decade. As commerce goes digital and online shopping puts increased pressure on global delivery networks, efficient and autonomous last mile delivery will be key to meeting that increased demand.

Charge Enterprise is ready to take a substantial share of that $85 billion market with its fleet of air and ground delivery drones. These drones can access rural areas that are difficult to reach by car as well as low density populations that are currently underserved.

In addition to acquiring existing delivery routes through partnerships with FedEx, Charge Enterprise will build out new routes to deliver tens of millions of parcels each day in an efficient, environmentally-friendly way.

Leading the Pack in Micro-Mobility Networks

The global micro-mobility market is projected to grow to $9.8 billion by 2025 as the millennials seek out more eco-friendly and low-cost modes of transport and smartphones dominate the transportation landscape.

Offering the largest global network of charging stations, storage, and service stations for electric scooters, e-bikes, and other micro-mobility devices, Charge Enterprises is challenging Blink Charging Co.

By utilizing existing shared resources and developing a range of innovative micro-mobility products, the company has been able to seamlessly integrate into transport networks in cities around the world.

Looking Ahead to Continued Upward Momentum

Charge Enterprises has made some significant acquisitions over the last year, expanding its already robust portfolio and causing its stock to skyrocket from pennies up to around $3 per share. With the financials to back it up, this company shows every sign of being a high growth stock that investors have the opportunity to buy in at this attractive price.

Some of the key moves the company has made over the past year include acquiring PTGI-ICS and GetCharged, Inc. PTGI-ICS is a TMT company with $600 million in annual revenues that Charge Enterprises expects to immediately boost its value by adding to the company’s existing $540 million in revenue.

GetCharged, Inc is a privately-held transportation company that has been building a global network of charging stations for micro-mobility devices. In addition to these key acquisitions, Charge Enterprises struck two deals to take over FedEx routes—a move that will also add to the company’s value.


Charge has been making some big moves in the acquisition space, as well as developing their current infrastructure, and with the EV trend and developments happening in that industry, we anticipate Charge will play a significant role. Competitors who have been pursuing acquisitions in the industry are making moves as well, and a leader will soon emerge in the space.

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