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9 Ways To Sign-Off Your Work Emails

Sign-offs are the core of every work email. There’s no reason why it should be boring. Which one is “Best regards” or “Yours sincerely”? Where’s the spice in that?

Read this to make your work experience more interesting.

1. Respectfully, I am in tears

You can use this when your team lead has emailed you like ten times in one day. You too are someone’s child, abeg.

2. I said what I said

This one is for when your coworker forwards an email back to you and asks if it’s for them. You don’t even need to write anything in the body of the email, just sign-off with this.

3. Yours vaccinatedly

Honestly, it’s a thing of pride that you’ve gotten the vaccine and why shouldn’t everyone know? You’re doing your part as a good citizen to encourage people to get the vaccine.

4. Nothing do you

This one should always be used as an insult. There are no two ways tbh, especially when someone sends you a mail in the middle of the night. Something must be doing them.

5. You know the vibe

This sign-off should be used on Fridays only because it means don’t text me again, my weekend has started.

6. E go be

If you use this, you are telling them that if they reply to that email they’re on their own because they will be aired.

7. Reply if you’re bad

This is a nicer way of saying e go be. They’ll waste so much time wondering if they’re bad and before they know, it’s close of business.

8. To Jesus be my glory

This is clearly a threat because why are you bringing spiritual forces into human matters? Use at your discretion.

9. Gbogbo wa la ma je breakfast

This is for when you get fired for signing off with all these. The least you can do is end it with a bang. As it has come for you in the morning, it will come for them in the evening.

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