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China May Soon Halt CBD Cosmetics Trade, Forcing Manufacturers To Turn To Exports

Back in March, China’s National Institutes for Food and Drug Control revealed a proposed law that would forbid imports and cross-border e-commerce of hemp flowers, seed oil and extracts in cosmetics — the only CBD applications allowed for sale in the country.  

Industry experts expect the government will soon enact the law, “leaving no loopholes for CBD-infused beauty products,” reports Hemp Today.  

“Cannabis cosmetics are undoubtedly one of the hottest products in China. Once the ban takes effect, it will have tremendous impact on the industry,” Hedy He, an analyst at the Hangzhou-based consultancy Chemlinked, reportedly told Cosmetics Design-Asia. “The rising prosperity in the cannabis cosmetic sector will come to a grinding halt.”

The idea behind the ban comes from anti-drug education initiatives that see the promotion of cannabis-infused cosmetic products as opposing the government principles set for the country’s younger population. 

Furthermore, the government questions the availability of THC tests, which guarantee the THC amounts, and also says CBD can simply be replaced by other ingredients, according to Hemp Today. 

If the law is enacted, many Chinese companies involved in CBD production will be forced to turn to export markets; according to some estimates, they already supply one-third of the world’s CBD.

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