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Kurt Cobain's Last Photoshoot Will Be Sold As NFT

The last photoshoot of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s will be auctioned as an NFT on March 3.

What Happened: According to Rolling Stone, photographer Jesse Frohman launched a website for the upcoming NFT sale, which he calls “The Last Session.”

The NFT will consist of over 100 pictures of Cobain taken at his last formal photoshoot, only a few months before his death in 1994.

“Multiple contact sheets and negatives had never been scanned prior to the creation of this drop, so some of the images have not yet been seen publicly,” said Frohman to Rolling Stone.

The starting bid for the exclusive NFT drop is 27.27 ETH, which is said to be a nod to the late singer’s age.

At the time of writing, the value of the starting bid stood at over $75,000.

Why It Matters: “It’s something so special that won’t be offered again,” said Frohman, explaining that the 104 images bundles together as one NFT represent a significant historical moment in time.

In addition to “The Last Session,” Frohman also plans to offer more affordable options.

The “Nevermind Editions” consists of 10 colorized quadriptychs of Cobain, which have a starting bid of 2.7 ETH, roughly $7,450.

Finally, the “In Utero Editions” consist of 20 five-of-five, colorized portraits and group shots with Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl can be bought for 1 ETH each.

Unlike other NFT drops that typically take place on online marketplaces, these digital collectibles have intentionally not been made available on any of them.

Instead, a company called Serotonin handled the tech and organization behind the NFT drop.

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A portion of all proceeds from the sale will be donated to the JED Foundation – a non-profit focused on suicide prevention and the promotion of mental wellbeing among young people in America.

“I think of Kurt especially as an idol, and sort of a hero, for the crypto world. They love to buck the system. To me, that’s what Kurt was. He was very anti-establishment — and he was outspoken about that. I think he would be very interested in the NFT art space,” said Frohman.

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