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Momma Mia! LEGO Luigi is Now Available for Pre-Order


It looks like Amazon didn’t jump the gun on revealing a LEGO Luigi starter set by too much. Today LEGO made it official and announced the $59.99. And better yet, it’s taking pre-orders now. Don’t wait; LEGO Mario sold out in a day.

Unsurprisingly, most of the details revealed today lined up with what we gleaned from Amazon’s listing. The LEGO Luigi starter set comes with a Luigi very similar to the interactive LEGO Mario. He makes noises, talks, and interacts with the pieces in his playset. Better yet, he’s also completely compatible with all the existing LEGO Super Mario playsets.

For $59.99, you get an even larger course than Mario’s starter course, including a new Boom Boom boss, a Bone Goomba, and a Pink Yoshi. The Mario starter course doesn’t have a Yoshi of any kind. The LEGO Luigi set comes with 280 pieces compared to Mario’s 231.

An overhead shot of the entire LEGO Luigi starter course.

Thankfully, LEGO didn’t slap a coat of green paint on Mario and call it a day. Luigi gets a modified mustache, a stubbly beard, and his own unique voice and sounds. He’ll react differently to enemies and blocks, with some sensible exceptions like coins. The nougat brown bricks for the starter set’s Tower Biome specifically trigger unique reactions from Luigi.

You’ll still use the same LEGO Super app for iOS and Android to build the set and customize your “worlds.” But it isn’t clear if you can use Luigi and Mario together and if they’ll interact. Before the announcement, we saw reports that LEGO Mario called out for Luigi, and LEGO acknowledged it on its Facebook page, so we’re hopeful they will interact.

You can pre-order the LEGO Luigi starter course right now on the . It ships on August 1st, 2021, and you may not want to wait. When LEGO opened pre-orders for the Mario starter course, it sold out in a day.

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