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Twitter Is Complying With Russia's Content Ban Directive, Albeit With Delay: Reuters

  • Russian state communications regulator, Roskomnadzor, acknowledged Twitter Inc’s (NYSE: TWTR) compliance with Russia’s content directive along with the social media company’s delay regarding the initiative, Reuters reports.
  • Twitter had removed 60% of marked content since the slow down of the service speed in March. However, over 1,000 inappropriate content was still available, down from over 3,000 earlier this year.
  • This month, Russia extended the punitive slowdown until May 15, admitting Twitter’s faster content deletion.
  • Roskomnadzor had detected over 900 new cases of banned content since the March 10 slowdown of service speed. Twitter was removing such content within 81 hours of the request, massively exceeding the 24 hours benchmark.
  • Roskomnadzor sought Twitter’s deletion of content containing child pornography, drug abuse information, or minor suicide instigations.
  • The parties agreed to establish a direct line of communication between the watchdog and Twitter’s moderation service in the April 28 meeting.
  • Twitter’s stock nosedived on subpar Q2 earnings yesterday.
  • Price action: TWTR shares traded lower by 13.5% at $56.63 on the last check Friday.

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