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Why You Should Consider Polygon, Injective Protocol, Kava, Marlin, Ocean Protocol Cryptocurrencies: Crypto Lark

Lark Davis — a new Zealander YouTube star in the cryptocurrency trading world — named five crypto assets that he expects to see growth in the future.

What Happened: In his April 5 video, Davis cited Polygon, Injective Protocol, Marlin, Kava, Ocean Protocol as crypto assets with significant upside potential.

Closer Look: Polygon (CRYPTO: MATIC) costs about $0.35 as of press time, after seeing a 2,608% price increase from $0.013 since last year.

Davis said that the project’s full potential is not yet priced in since it has an ecosystem that is purportedly larger than many other blockchains with a larger market capitalization.

This makes him confident that the token’s price will continue rising.

Injective Protocol (CRYPTO: INJ) is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol for cross-chain derivatives trading.

While Davis admits that the token is still in its earliest stages, he points out that it allows its holders to send feeless transactions thanks to a second layer scalability solution.

He believes that after the mainnet launches, the market capitalization of the protocol will exceed $1 billion.

At the press time, the token was worth $14.68, with a market capitalization of $190 million.

Marlin (CRYPTO: POND) provides high-performance programmable networking infrastructure for DeFi and Web 3.0 — or decentralized web — applications.

Davis believes that it allows those systems to up their performance without sacrificing decentralization, which he defined a “high octane gasoline.”

As of today, Marlin is priced at $0.24 with a market capitalization of $183 million.

Davis described Kava (CRYPTO: KAVA) as a powerful yet underrated DeFi protocol. He said that he has been following this altcoin almost since its inception and is confident that it will reach a total network value of $1 billion.

As of today, the token is worth $7.66, and its market capitalization is $447 million.

Kava operates a decentralized bank of sorts that allows its users to own the USDX stablecoin or various synthetic and derivative financial instruments.

Ocean Protocol (CRYPTO: OCEAN) provides business, technical and governance systems that allow for the exchange and sale of data and services.

This protocol stores metadata, data links and provides a licensing structure as well as pricing toolboxes.

The YouTuber justified their high hopes for this token by pointing out that top crypto exchange and digital asset heavyweight Binance is the main investor in the project.

As of today, OCEAN is trading at $1.75 with a market capitalization of $670 million.

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