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Music, Relationships & “Sex Over Love” – Blaqbonez Tells it All in this Episode of “Rubbin’ Minds”

In this episode of “Rubbin’ Minds“, Afrobeats star Blaqbonez sits with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu to discuss his new album “Sex Over Love“, his journey to the rap industry, relationships and so much more.

The rapper revealed that he has settled things with his dad who apologized for not being in his life earlier, following a viral tweet he made.

According to him, his new album “is me just preaching against what society considers the norm. I’m basically being a rebel and I feel like there are people out there that relate to what I’m saying.” He also says that monogamy for him is unrealistic. “I can get married, but everybody has to know that I cannot be exclusive.”

“I think the lockdown brought out the star or the creative genius inside me. Just being at home, not doing anything made me realize how much power social media has and how talented I am at creating and dominating,” Blaqbonez says about becoming an internet sensation during the lockdown.

On when he realized music was going to be a thing, he says,

It was just a challenge. It wasn’t natural like the way a lot of people say their stories.

My cousin heard a 14-year-old on the radio. His name was Lil H. Because I used to yab Nigerian rappers, at that time, that Nigerian rappers don’t know how to rap. So she was like “look at this 14-year-old boy doing this… all you know how to do is insult Nigerian rappers”. And I was like, “this thing is not hard”. I went upstairs, wrote my first rap… and It was so much fun to rap it so I just kept on doing it.

I just kept on writing, and before I knew it, I was going to the studio to put down my rap.

Watch the conversation below:

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