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5 Creative Ways To Make Money Without Leaving Your House

Is sapa at your heels? Not to worry, there are ways to make mad money and keep it at bay. You just don’t know about them, but what are we here for?

Try the things on this list and thank us later.

1. Sell all the clothes you’re not wearing

You have a room full of clothes and you choose to wear that one jeans and t-shirt almost every day? Kuku start a thrift store and make money. Problem solved.

2. Sell your hair

Just shave off all the hair on your body, put it up for sale, and see money flood your account. Both head oh, armpit, chest, leg and you-know-where. Virgin human hair. Who wouldn’t love that?

3. Open an OnlyFans account, but for gist

Why waste your amebo prowess when you can get paid by fellow amebos for it? Gist sells, start now.

4. Bribe Elsa Majimbo with chips

You cannot find the soap Elsa is using anywhere else in this world. Only she can cut it for you. For fast result, try this before the other listed ways.

5. Content Creation

We’re adding this to the list so it will not be as if we didn’t do anything good for you. Videos, podcasts, and even written content are goldmines if only you know how to effectively create them to impact your audience.

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