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5 Nigerian Memes You Can Use To Brag About Your Sexual Prowess

There are a lot of Nigerian memes about sex for people that like to pretend that they don’t know what that word means. Even though they were the most outraged about the banning of porn accounts that year on Twitter. We have decided to share the little we have on Zikoko Memes in this article.

1 The “Yoruba movies lie too much” meme

You can post this on your status after that person you’ve been texting airs you for like two days, Nothing drives conversation like memes, especially if it’s a Nigerian meme about sex.

2. The “I won’t give you STD” meme

This is beyond bragging, you are basically telling your sexual partner that you care about their health, it doesn’t get sexier than this, to be honest

You might break up, but at least the chances of having a child together are lower.

3. The “Roleplay” meme

Never mind that this was taken from a film where this happened, if you post this people that like these type of things will understand that you are ready to dress up as anything for sex. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

It’s the arc for me.

4. The “Over raw best in scisccoring” meme

A lot of Nigerian meme about sex exist as you know, if you decide to post this then you must be really confident and we hail you. No one will see this on your status or fleets and ignore your texts.

5. The “High jump” meme

I think this one is self-explanatory, actually, I’d also like to know how this works so when you are beating about this please explain In details. T for Thanks.

For more Nigerian memes about sex click here.

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