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Cannabis-Focused Social Media Site SmokeSesh.Life Prepares For Official Market Debut

SmokeSesh.Life, a cannabis platform for cannabis-friendly social media engagement announced Thursday it plans to make its official market debut soon. 

What Happened 

The platform was developed almost one year ago by marketing and social media professional Travis “TJ” Owens, who has built an extensive foundation of experience through his work on such social sites as MySpace Group Manager, Yahoo Chat Mod, for Cause Community Organization Manager, and others.

Owens dubs SmokeSesh.Life to be “the first cannabis-focused media site of its kind.” The platform already has hundreds of users including content creators and cannabis businesses, and it has managed to raise $12,000 via both Kickstarter and private funding. 

Why It Matters – Being Inclusive, Securing Safety, Creating New Jobs 

Its founder says the platform welcomes all adults interested, not just cannabis consumers, or those involved in the businesses. 

“Our goal is not to be cannabis exclusive, but inclusive,” Owens said. “As creators in the space, we know not everyone is going to be about it… and we already have fans and followers who may not partake, but they enjoy the content of those who do. The only thing different [from most other social media platforms] that our app affords is an 18+ environment that in turn, allows the use of cannabis in the content shared to the platform. “

Money collected from subscription fees is used to finance the operation and maintenance of the site, such as the administration of the Q/A team that protects users from fraudulent businesses trying to advertise unauthorized or unsafe products. 

Another program supported by the fees is the Creator Network that funds its creators a monthly stipend. 

As it develops, SmokeSesh.Life intends to launch hundreds of jobs worldwide within the sectors for cannabis advertising and influencers. 

 “Being ahead of the curve of legalization, we are placing ourselves at the pinnacle of social cannabis and mass media to show that if you design it from the ground up, a platform based in cannabis (but not exclusive to) can and will work for all involved,” Owens concluded.

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