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Oh Snap, Satechi's New GaN Chargers Have Multiple High-Speed Ports

You’ve probably heard of GaN chargers, the super-compact charging bricks that use Gallium Nitride components to reach incredibly high charging speeds. Most GaN chargers have just one or two ports, but Satechi just launched and power bricks with three USB-C ports—perfect for people with several power-hungry devices.

For just $55, the Satechi 66-watt GaN charger seems tailored to those with a MacBook Air and iPad. It can charge two devices at 30 watts each, or charge three devices in a 30W/18W/18W configuration. For reference, the M1 MacBook Air can hit a maximum charging speed of 45 watts but comes packaged with an adequate 30-watt power brick.

Satechi’s 108-watt GaN charger costs a bit more at $75, but it’s a perfect option for those who own a MacBook Pro and iPad Pro (or any other power-hungry devices). It can charge two devices simultaneously at 60 watts and 45 watts (or 88W/20W), or power three devices in a 45W/30W/30W, 58W/30W/20W, or 65W/20W/20W configuration.

Along with its multi-port chargers, Satechi has also released . This may be the perfect device for those who only need to power a laptop, especially as laptop charging speeds increase year by year.

You can order Satechi’s new and power bricks for $55 and $75, respectively. The single-port 100-watt charger costs just $70, of course, I suggest dropping an extra $5 for the 108-watt model since it has three ports.

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