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10 Indian Finance Experts to Follow on Twitter

With numerous IPOs, the influx of FDIs (foreign direct investments), and the maturing of investors, the market in India has seen strong growth. Here are a few Indian finance experts to follow on Twitter to stay abreast of this emerging market.

1. Arun Jaitley
Twitter handle: @arunjaitley
Followers: 14+ Million

The erstwhile Finance Minister of India continues to be fairly active on Twitter. Apart from reading about the causes he is supporting, read his tweets to stay abreast of how politics is impacting the Indian market.

2. Porinju Veliyath
Twitter handle: @porinju
Followers: 1+ Million

Veliyath is a SEBI registered portfolio manager and tweets actively about the Indian stock and bond markets. Follow him to also stay abreast of the most important global developments. Apart from updates and tips, Veliyath also shares some motivational tweets.

3. Samir Arora
Twitter handle: @Iamsamirarora
Followers: 494,000+

Arora regularly shares updates on the Indian financial markets as well as investment tips and advice. Follow him to know what to learn and also what to unlearn as an investor.

4. Basant Maheshwari
Twitter handle: @BMTheEquityDesk
Followers: 191,000+

Maheshwari is an active trader and investor and tweets actively about the latest developments in the Indian financial markets. He also offers tutorials on live trading and derivatives.

5. Bibek Debroy
Twitter handle: @bibekdebroy
Followers: 171,000+

Apart from being a highly respected economist, Debroy is the chairman of the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (EAC-PM). He contributes to various financial newspapers and loves to teach. Apart from India, he tweets about interesting developments worldwide.

6. Ira Dugal
Twitter handle: @dugalira
Followers: 82,000+

Dugal tweets on a range of topics around the Indian economy, banking and markets. She shares updates on the latest developments in the world of finance, as well as provides tips and insights on investing.

7. Debashis Basu
Twitter handle: @Moneylifers
Followers: 52,000+

Follow Basu if you invest in Indian stocks. He is the founder of Moneylife, which actively covers a range of topics related to personal finance, banking, finance, and industry.

8. Andy Mukherjee
Twitter handle: @andymukherjee70
Followers: 43,900+

Mukherjee is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist. Apart from covering India, he shares his insights on various Asian markets, including China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

9. Uday Tharar
Twitter handle: @udaytharar
Followers: 8,000+

Tharar is an economic and his love for numbers and charts shows in his tweets. Follow him to stay updated about the Indian financial markets and the global macroeconomic scenario.

10. Tejus Sawjiani
Twitter handle: @tejus_sawjiani
Followers: 3,800+

Sawjiani is an angel investor at Mumbai Angels and invests in fat tail events. Sawjiani said he enjoys “picking up nickels in front of rollercoasters.”

Photo by Naveed Ahmed via Unsplash

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