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10 Tattoos That Will Get You Disowned

If you want to get disowned by your Nigerian parents, Try any of these tattoos in this article. Don’t message us when it works sha.

1. The chessboard

First of all, no one wants to see this on a human being. At least wait until your parents have added you to their will. Everything is so expensive. 

2. The Village people on crack

How do you even get a tattoo like this and not have nightmares? This picture is probably the origin story of Karashika. If you are trying to label yourself so your village people can find you easily this will work. Get ready to be disowned!

3. Eye don’t work

Of all the tattoos you can get on earth, this is by far the most foolish. Not only do the eyes not work, but you’ll be walking around scaring random people for no reason.

4. The Louis Vuitton beard

Trying to grow beards stress Nigerian parents, but since you are on a path of destruction, you can just tattoo your beards instead. D for? Disowned.

5. Love na bastard

Because nothing else would drive someone to do something like this. If you want to be disowned, you should get this tattoo

6. Bill almost Clinton

This tattoo will make sure you don’t get a visa because of the blatant disrespect for that man’s face, which will, in turn, lead to you getting disowned, but by all means, carry on.

7. The inked nightmare

If you are against your peace of mind and your partner’s good sleep, you can get this tattoo. Good luck.

8. Avocado lovers

If you can get this tattoo with your full chest, knowing how much people hate avocados, what’s a little disownment to you? Please, go for it.

9. The cat’s butthole

If you are trying to score points with cats by getting this tattoo, it won’t work sha and you’ll just get ignored.  If your parents see it though, they’ll pay attention to you at least and you’ll get disowned since that’s what you want.

10. The destiny sucker

How do you even hide or explain a tattoo like this to Nigerian parents? Abeg, don’t try this tattoo.

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