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8 Things To Do When You’ve Fallen Out Of Love With Your Partner

We oftentimes can’t control how we feel about people, however, what we can control is what we do with our feelings. Here’s a list of things to do when you realize you’ve fallen out of love with your partner.

1. Sleep.

You never know how much clarity you can get from a good nap or sleep. It’s not impossible that you’ll fall back in love with them when you wake up. Just make sure you have good dreams of them.

2. Cheat on them.

Cheat so you can be sure that you’ve really fallen out of love, not that your body is having a dry spell. Cheating is a very good way to know what’s in the streets. The perfect way for quality assurance.

3. Set leg for yourself to fall back in love.

Set leg for yourself to fall back in love. Try it once and see if you trip and fall back in love.

4. Send them a spreedsheet with reasons you no longer love them.

Let them know it’s them and not you. It’s important they know that you’ve tried and want the best for them, but it’s above you now.

5. Tell a Babalawo to help you reveal it to them in their dream.

This is the perfect option because you are left with little to no work to do. The only way this option can go wrong is if they disregard their dream and want to work on the relationship. If that happens, go to the Babalawo again and tell him to make the dream scary.

6. Leave the country without telling them.

Leave the country and let them figure out what happened to you.

7. Point out how bad their morning breath is.

You only tell someone you no longer love how much their mouths stink when they wake up. Point it out every day for one week till they get tired and leave you.

8. Let them know how you feel.

When all the above fail, it’s best you tell them how you feel. What’s the worst that can happen? they’ll break up with you and let you live your life without them in it.

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