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8 UK Finance Experts To Follow On Twitter

Whether you’re looking to gain an edge on the markets or need to brush up your knowledge of personal finance, Twitter is a good place to go. There are experts who share their advice and tips regularly. It’s fast, it’s fun and much of the advice is financially sound.

So, here are some UK finance experts you may want to follow.

1. Chris Gledhill

Twitter handle: @cgledhill
Followers: 77,000+

Gledhill is a leading fintech influencer and keynote speaker. London-based, he specializes in fintech innovation and financial inclusion. From cryptocurrencies to which bank provides the best services, his tweets span a range of financial topics.

2. Jeremy Warner

Twitter handle: @JeremyWarnerUK
Followers: 40,000+

Warner is an associate editor at The Daily Telegraph and writes about the UK economy, finance, and business. Read his tweets for updates on taxes, inflation, interest rates and more.

3. Business Matters

Twitter handle: @BizMattersmag
Followers: 35,000+

Business Matters is the largest business magazine in the UK for entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium businesses. You can read about a range of topics here, from mergers and acquisitions to personal guarantee backed loans.

4. Rishi – Investor

Twitter handle: @AngelInvestorUK
Followers: 18,000+

Rishi mainly tweets about stocks and investments. However, his tweets include advice and tips about building a successful career, achieving business growth, and debt management.

5. Business Finance UK

Twitter handle: @businessuk
Followers: 9,000+

Small businesses in the UK looking for funding will find the tweets from this handle interesting. You can stay updated about various angel investor networks and read about which businesses have recently received funding.

6. Good Finance

Twitter handle: @GoodFinanceUK
Followers: 6,000+

Follow this handle to read interesting tweets about social investment. You can also get familiar with social investing jargon, read tips on digital marketing for this niche space and stay abreast of job opportunities in charities and social enterprises.

7. Colin Bielckus

Twitter handle: @ColinOFD
Followers: 3,000+

Bielckus’ tweets are interesting for small businesses looking to scale up to the next phase. While accounting and taxation are his fortes, his tweets include tips on strategic planning and wealth management.

8. Plain English Finance

Twitter handle: @pef_uk
Followers: 1,400+

Their mission is to “improve the financial affairs of as many people as possible.” Plain English Finance tweets about stocks, wealth creation, taxes, pensions, wages, home prices, among other topics.

Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay 

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