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Retrokits Made a MIDI Sequencer That Looks Like an Old-Fashioned Calculator


If you’ve ever been in math class and thought, “Man, I have the sickest beat in my head right now—sure wish I had some way to record this,” you’re in luck. Retrokits made a clever MIDI sequencer that looks like a pocket calculator. Your math teacher never has to know!

Retrokits, known for its line of electronic music goodies and accessories, got seriously ambitious with this full-on MIDI control center. The RK-008 is an eight track MIDI recorder and sequencer that even features a metronome to help ensure that all of your recorded MIDI data stays right in time (unless avant-garde musical stylings are your jam—we won’t judge). The company says it’s inspired by the Alesis MMT8.

You can record a track on multiple channels, allowing you to control multiple devices in a single track should you so choose. And with eight tracks available? Well, you get the idea. On the other hand, you can opt to use a single track to record a single part and condense them down to one so you’ll have space for even more sequencing.

Tracks can be independently manipulated in real-time non-destructively on the RK-008, which is great if you want to quantize or transpose them and then change your mind. It also boasts a simple step sequencer for simpler compositions. Hardware-wise, you’ll see two each MIDI inputs and outputs—great for merging MIDI from multiple unique sources and controllers—and a dedicated sync port.

Retrokits has yet to release any information regarding pricing and a set release date, but you can visit the sequencer’s product page here to sign up for notifications about it as they become available. The company says more information about the fun sequencer (beyond availability and pricing) will be released at some point in the future, so stay tuned!

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