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The Sapa Chronicles: 5 Feelings That Hit You In A Sapadenmic

When it’s past mid month, and you can’t wait to receive your salary, there are about 5 stages you will pass through. May your enemies not see you in number 5 because, it will choke.

1. Optimism

This is when the sapa hasn’t held your throat yet. Shebi they said tough times never last.

2. Sadness

Who did you offend? As if you’re not broke enough, body cream and bath soap will just finish. Just wipe your tears ehn, don’t let your enemies rejoice.

3. Worry

Bills will just keep appearing from all corners. Worse thing about it is they do not listen to “wait till month end”. Egbami.

4. Caution

At this point, you stop worrying about cashflow and think of how to save some coins. Thankfully, with the Dominos Pizza online Buy One Get One Free deal, you get to do just that. Order here (link) before the deal expires!

5. Frustration

At this stage, only credit alert can save you, because responsibilities choke.

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