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Your Fitbit Could Help You Stop Snoring Thanks to This New Feature


Fitbit began testing a snore-tracking feature earlier this year, and it’s finally rolling out to Sense and Versa 3 watches. The new feature could help you figure out why you’re snoring so much, but you need to enable it manually, as it comes with a few downsides.

As described in the Fitbit app, the new “Snore and Noise Detect” feature tracks all instances of snoring and the ambient noise level of your bedroom. Results from these measurements could be impacted by outside sources, such as a TV or a snoring spouse.

The Snore and Noise Detect mode also uses quite a bit of battery life. Fitbit suggests charging your watch to 40% battery life before going to sleep—a lot higher than you’d expect to accommodate such a simple feature.

To enable snore tracking on your Fitbit Sense or Versa 3, you’ll first need to subscribe to ($10 a month or $80 a year). Then, open the Fitbit app and navigate to the Sleep page. You should see a card with the words “Check for Snoring.” Expand the card to read how the feature works and enable it.

If you decide that you hate snore tracking, go to the Settings page of your Fitbit app and scroll down. You should see the option to disable Snore and Noise Detect at the bottom of Settings.

Source: Fitbit via 9to5Google

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