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13 Things You Should Not Drag With Nigerians If You Like Yourself

Ask around, Nigerians are best in coming first. So, before you drag something with us, make sure it’s not one of the things on this list. That is, if you like yourself.

1. Food

Bring any food combination, Nigerians are up to the task. They can perceive what you’re cooking from ten miles away and instinctively show up at your house to “greet you”. And the Jollof rice? Exquisite.

2. Staring

Nigerians don’t just stare, they stare till you lock eyes with them, and wait for you to do your worst.

3. Trekking

Many Nigerians know every nook and cranny of places you don’t expect them to. Call them Trekkers, the brand, a.k.a waka-waka.

4. Hypocrisy

Never underestimate the power of a Nigerian to point a finger at you while five point back at them. Las las, everybody is a hypocrite.

5. Amebo

They always hear something from a friend of a friend, but don’t say you heard it from them oh.

6. Parties

Is your party even turnt if Nigerians are not there to shake the place up? Capital NO.

7. Their country

As much as Nigerians talk about “japa-ing” the minute you try to drag their country in the mud, they’ll come for you full force. So, watch your mouth.

8. Resilience

The word itself has Nigeria spelt all over it. Nobody has time for giving up here.

9. Wickedness

Just pray you don’t date a wicked Nigerian woman or man. You’ll never remain the same.

10. Talent

What a Nigerian cannot do does not exist. Name it, we’ll wait. If you think it’s easy, do it.

11. Road

Nigerians and roads are five and six. If you still decide to drag road with one, atleast, arm yourself with these things.

12. Lagos men

If you want to find a man, go to other states, honey. Nigerian women are not ready to leave Lagos men for you without a fight.

13. This slippers

If not for Nigerians, the manufacturers would have run out of business. Put some respeck on the name.

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