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5 Ways To Prevent Your Enemies From Knowing You Are Broke

Worried that your enemies will turn you into a laughing stock because of how broke you are? Do these 5 things and no one will ever guess that it’s 2,000 Naira you have left in your bank account.

1. Rub groundnut oil on your face

Groundnut oil will make you glow. Even if hunger is showing you pepper, you must not let it reflect on your face. That’s the fastest way enemies will know you are broke.

2. Wear clothes with money related inscriptions

“I am a millionaire” or “30 BG” will do the trick.

3. Always play loud music in your house

That way, if your enemies live nearby, they won’t hear you breaking a coconut to drink garri.

4. Decorate your house with empty packaging boxes

Make sure it’s packaging from top brands. At least, if your enemies disguise themselves as friends and pay you a visit, they’ll know that you’re not their mate. It’s a condition that made crayfish bend.

5. Reactive your old MTN SIM card

When you reactivate your old MTN SIM card, you get a whopping 12x amount on recharges above N50! You can use it to call for hours and let people think you’re so rich that airtime is the least of your problems.

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