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7 Reasons Why Nigerians Will Survive In A Horror Movie

If a Nigerian was put in all those horror movie situations where people make stupid decisions and die, there is a hundred per cent chance that the Nigerian might end up killing the scary guy. Here are 7 reasons why.

1. They won’t move into a cursed house

No force dead or alive can convince a Nigerian to move into a house everyone thinks is cursed. They are far too superstitious for that. That horror movie will end in the beginning.

2. They won’t follow anyone to the cemetery

Except it’s for a burial, you’d never find a Nigerian casually walking around a cemetery. Especially, not at night.

3. We wouldn’t participate in an exorcism

No Nigerian teenager in their right mind would consider delivering someone “possessed” without the help of a professional.

4. They wouldn’t keep picking calls from unknown numbers

If you’ve seen Nigerians insult services providers that call to advertise, or people that call their numbers by mistake, you’d know that this is a bad Idea. If you call to scare them, they will just insult your generation.

5. If ghosts are playing with the lights, they’d think it’s Nepa moving mad

Their minds won’t even think it’s a ghost playing with the light when we already have Nepa doing that for us everyday.

6. Nobody can pursue you with a knife because there would be traffic

Imagine trying to pursue someone to kill them in Nigeria? By the time you sit down in two hours of traffic, all the ginger to kill would have died. Plus, Nigerians will catch you and burn you with tire and that would be the end of the horror movie.

7.  Nigerian don’t do forest hikes

Why would anyone walk into a forest to hike for fun? Inside that forest, kidnappers would have even kidnapped the horror movie killer anyways.

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