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9 Clear Signs That Your Gen Z Coworker Likes You

Having a Gen Z coworker can be very fun when they like you. When they don’t, it’s more hostile than living with Nigerian parents. Here are 9 signs that your Gen Z coworker likes you… as friends.  

1. They send you memes or TikToks

If your Gen Z coworker sends you memes or funny TikTok videos, you’ve made it. You’re alright, not necessarily cool, but alright.  

2. They have called you bestie once 

This is one of the highest levels of respect a Gen Z coworker can give you. Don’t try saying it back though, you might sound sus

3. They are comfortable making millennial jokes with you 

The thing with millennials is, they can have a mean temper. If your Gen Z coworker is comfortable making millennial jokes with you, it’s because they are sure you know it’s good-natured fun. 

4. They let you follow them on social media 

Gen Z’s are very pro setting boundaries, especially in the workspace. If they let you follow them on social media, they like you, they’d also be impressed that you could find them easily. 

5.  They might make you a playlist 

If they make you a playlist or recommend songs to you, they either think your taste in music slaps, or they want to make your taste in music better. Either way, it means they like you.  

6. They give you advice based on your zodiac sign

Gen Z only gives a shit about the zodiac signs of people they care about. If they give you zodiac compatibility advice or send you weekly zodiac sign predictions, you’ve made it. 

7. They let you use Gen Z slang without mocking you 

One thing Gen Z won’t do is be a gatekeeper, especially not for slang. You’re just less likely to get mocked for using the slang wrong if they like you. 

8. They check in on you 

This is the final boss that shows that your Gen Z coworker likes you. They care about mental health, a lot. If they regularly check on your mental health, they care about you and want you to be fine. 

9. They let you give them advice

Gen Z’s are very sure of what they want, believe in and want to do. If you find yourself being asked for advice by your Gen Z coworker, it means they rate you, congratulations. 

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