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A Zikoko Guide: How To Steal Without Getting Caught

Tough times are lasting and as such desperate times call for desperate measures. We all want to steal, but the idea of prison doesn’t seem sexy. That’s why we helped create a guide that teaches you to steal without getting caught. Stay thieving.

1) Be Invisible

Find a way to turn yourself invisible. How you do it is not our problem, but just find out how to do it. How will they catch you if they can’t see you?

2) Dress like a masquerade

Who wants to accuse a masquerade of being a thief? The best part about dressing as a masquerade is that there is enough space inside their ensembles for you to hide what you steal. Not only is the masquerade outfit a cloaking device, but also a storage facility. Best of both worlds.

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3) Be a Nigerian politician

Nigerian politicians are the ultimate thieves. That’s why if you don’t want to get caught, that’s where to be. Pad a budget or two, divert national funding, have some ghost workers and then you’re rolling in billions. If you really don’t want to be caught, then you should belong to the same party as the President. That way, if they do make the mistake of catching you, you’d have Presidential protection.

4) Be the first to shout “ole”

If they’re chasing you while you’re running, then just turn around and start chasing them instead. While you’re running after them, don’t forget to shout Ole!

5) Rub oil all over your body

The statement “as slippery as an eel” is not for beans. To steal without getting caught, you need to embody the spirit of an eel. That’s why you have to rub oil on our body. That way, anyone that tries to catch you will lose their grip. All oils are welcome, except for palm oil. If you use palm oil, they might catch you.

6) Spiritual robbery

Another time they can’t catch you is when you steal in the spirit. Spiritual stealing does not translate to being caught in the physical world.

7) Steal stolen money

If you steal the money someone else has stolen, then they’re unable to report you and get you arrested. Sure, they might spiritually deal with you or gather people to beat you, but that doesn’t matter. As long as you’re not in prison.

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