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Curaleaf's THC-Infused Beverage Enhancer Kit Now Available In New York

Curaleaf Holdings, Inc.‘s (CSE:CURA) (OTCQX:CURLF) THC-infused beverage enhancer dubbed Select Squeeze Is now available in New York.

In March, the Massachusetts-based company launched the new product, touting Select Squeeze as “one of the cannabis industry’s widest national product launches.”

The beverage enhancer uses nanotechnology to modify any beverage by turning cannabis oil into small water-soluble molecules and dissolving THC compounds evenly into a beverage.

The company claims that THC from Select Squeeze provides absorbance within 15 to 30 minutes.

And while it comes in four flavors — lemon-lime, strawberry lemonade, “hint of sweet,” and watermelon, it is only New Yorkers who have access to Curaleaf’s watermelon flavor, at least for now, per the New York Post. However, only card-carrying medical marijuana patients can legally purchase it.

The five-milligram liquid dose of THC is available for $35 per plastic bottle.

Jessie Kater, senior vice president for innovation and R&D at Curaleaf, explained that there are 30 servings of “Select Squeeze” per bottle, offering a “more social, less anxious high” than other cannabis products.

In the meantime, with medical cannabis dispensaries now permitted to sell cannabis in flower form to patients, according to a recent decision taken by the New York Cannabis Control Board, multi-state cannabis operators like Curalef embraced the continued evolution of the medical program within the state.

“Thank you, NY Gov. Hochul & the Office of Cannabis Management, for allowing the sale of the whole flower,” Curaleaf founder and chairman Boris Jordan said on Twitter. “This decision impacts 151k+ medical patients in NY who will now have access to quality & safe whole flower. Action (not talk) from our new Gov!”

Select’s CBD-THC Labeling Debacle

Meanwhile, Select, the Oregon cannabis brand owned by Curaleaf, has made headlines over the past couple of weeks for several labeling mistakes with possible severe health implications.

The cannabis manufacturer, also known as Cura Cannabis, mixed up its two lines of products – one with CBD and the other with THC – causing confusing states for some of its consumers who were not expecting to get stoned from their CBD drops.

Oregon state regulators had to recall the brand’s 1,000mg unflavored Select CBD drops, labeled as “Broad Spectrum,” but contained THC. Moreover, the brand’s 1,000-mg bottles of unflavored, Select THC Tincture had to be recalled for not containing THC.

As a result, several lawsuits against the company have been filed.

Price Action

Curaleaf’s shares traded 1.49% lower at $11.22 per share at the time of this writing Tuesday mid-afternoon.

Photo: Courtesy of New York Post

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