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It’s Been “19 Years of Smiling Together” for Feb & Laurie Idahosa

Marriage is beautiful when you find the right person. But when you can keep that person for so long. It becomes gold. For Feb and Laurie Idahosa, it has been 19 years and they are not stopping soon.

Feb Idahosa wrote on Instagram:

19 years of doing life together after saying “I do,” together. 19 years of smiling together after dealing with the trails and wins together. 19 years of holding each other so that we can stand together.

19 years of clothing matching each other while our hearts were matched and latched together.

19 years of 228 months, 34 years of friendship, 50+ first dates on 4 continents, 5000+ laughs plus 499 tears, plenty thick plus plenty the in, and 4 handsome sons later…God has blessed this marriage and I’m grateful forces forces the blessing that is @idahosalaurie.

I love you my #VidaForever.

Laurie Idahosa was also feeling the love. She wrote:

It started in 1987 as an innocent summer romance between young teenagers. Since then, we have enjoyed 34 years of unbroken friendship and 19 years of marriage.

There has been sunshine beautiful moments that I wish we could relive. We have also certainly had more than our share of rainy days ~ tough times that I wish we could forget. By the Grace of God, through it all, we are still standing.

As we were taking our Anniversary pictures, rain drops began to fall. They began as a tiny drizzle and then, within minutes, developed into a total downpour. That’s reflective of how problems are in marriage. At first, you don’t think much of them… until they start to wash away your plans

Later, after the storm is over, you can look back and see the beauty in the trials and the unique perspective that you gained by weathering the storm.

See more of their anniversary photos below:

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