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Tesla Shows How It Makes Its Cars Safer In A Crash In New Video

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) makes some of the safest vehicles in the world, with the lowest probability of injury in a crash. Now Tesla is sharing how it achieves this metric.

In a new video posted to YouTube, Tesla tested its Model Y crossover by impacting it with a pickup truck. The test was done in a unique way, unlike other auto manufacturers.

Tesla explains that other safety modifications are made to pass government-regulated safety tests. But for Tesla, the vehicles can capture far more data than other cars, including video feeds from around the car, steering wheel position, seat belt status and more. This allows Tesla to engineer its vehicles and have the vehicles respond in the event of a crash to best protect its occupants.

For example, within 10 ms, the vehicle is able to determine whether or not to deploy the airbags to keep passengers safe. If an airbag isn’t needed, it’s safer for it to not be deployed. 

Tesla uses data analytics with an advanced algorithm to predict the outcome of a crash and aim for the safest outcome. After validation, Tesla will push the information from these tests out to the fleet via an over-the-air update, making all cars driving on the road, along with future production, safer than they are today. 

Photo: Courtesy of Tesla Inc

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