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10 Ways To Make A Nigerian Woman Spend Her Money On You

If there is one thing a Nigerian woman will never do, it is to willingly spend her money on a man. But don’t worry, we have finally cracked the code to getting Nigerian women to open their purse.

Just do everything on this list, and you will be swimming in money before the end of the year.

1. Spend on her first.

You must first invest before you can get returns on your investment. Just make sure you choose the right investment plan sha so your money doesn’t vanish.

2. Give her orgasms.

Once you are able to provide this basic benefit, it won’t be difficult for a Nigerian woman to open her purse. Yes, there are some women who will not spend a dime on you even if you give them fifteen orgasms in a five-minute genital bumping session, but don’t let that deter you.

3. When she asks you to “do it just like that” during sex, don’t overdo.

Whatever you are doing, just keep doing it in that same measure and rhythm. Don’t attempt to increase pace or overdo because you have been complimented or you will fuck up your bag.

4. Date someone else.

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Nigerian women are not moved to do anything for a man until competition enters it. That is when you will see them struggling to win your heart, especially if they know you are gifted with the extraordinary ability to provide orgasms.

5. Allow her to bite you.

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Women love a man who allows them to fulfil their cannibalistic tendencies. When she bites you once or twice, pretend you are sick and watch her spend her last card on you. Relax and enjoy it, it’s payday!

6. Buy her ashewo dress.

She probably won’t spend on you, but she will probably agree to get on top and ride, which is something that happens only once in three years. Enjoy it while it lasts.

7. Give her head and don’t bite her clit like shaki.

Once you make the mistake of biting her, you might as well kiss your check goodbye and get ready for the poverty that will bite you.

8. Be a pet dog.

Picture of White Maltese Puppy Pink Bow | Dog Photography

Let’s be honest, unless you are a fluffy pet dog named “Coco” or “Atinuke,” a Nigerian woman won’t even look at you twice. So, my dear friend, better start practising that bark. “Woof, woof!”

9. Be her younger brother.

Even with this, you still have to beg for it. But at least, she will consider the blood tie between you both and send you 2k once in two years.

10. Be PiggyVest.

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That’s the only one thing Nigerian women are guaranteed to put their money in. So, you can either convince her to create a savings plan in your name, or you can turn into PiggyVest itself and collect all her earnings.

Whichever way you choose, good luck as you begin your journey to becoming the youngest billionaire as you gather money from a Nigerian woman.

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