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5 Exciting Reasons You Should Not Miss Smirnoff’s “No Known Address” Party

Are you looking for ways to kick-start your Detty December plans? Here’s one suggestion: don’t wait till December, start the fun in November with Smirnoff’s No Known Address party.

And here’s why…

1. It’s a good way to pepper your enemies

Enemies choke when they see you outside and enjoying your life to the max. Which is the more reason you should pepper them by attending Smirnoff’s party.

2. It’s the first of it’s kind in Nigeria

Smirnoff NKA party beats all the parties you’ve attended hands down! It is going to be a highly experiential night of infamy. If you identify as a rascal with your full chest, then prepare to hit the road from wherever to enjoy bold and vibrant experience at this party.

3. There is No Known Address for the party

Even your haters can’t crash the party because it’ll be at a mystery location that won’t be disclosed until few hours before the event. In other words, if you miss it, you miss out BIG TIME!

4. Your favourite music stars will be there, LIVE!

No Known Address promises to be a never-before-experienced party as the Smirnof Brand has shortlisted a number of superstars including Falz the Bahd Guy, Joe boy, DJ Spinall and many others.

5. There’ll be no dull moment

It promises to be a night of delicious cocktails, music, dance, games, and many more. No dull vibes!

When’s this Smirnoff’s No Known Address party?

It’s scheduled to take place in Lagos at a yet-to-be disclosed address on Saturday, 27th November 2021. For your December to be detty, it’s best you start the fun in November, don’t you agree? Register for the Smirnoff No Known Address party via @islandblockparty on Instagram, like right now.

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