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6 Things From Our Nigerian Childhood That Really Fell Off

Don’t you just miss those nostalgic experiences from your Nigerian childhood? Now that we’re journeying through this adulting maze, some things just seem to have fallen off.

Here are six of them.

1. Five Naira

Before you argue, think about this: how often do you see a five Naira note these days? This denomination is so useless now that even two of it can’t buy pure water. What a waste. .

2. Junior WAEC result

All the days and nights you spent studying to prove you are worthy of being promoted to Senior Secondary School in the mud. Better go and sell your Junior WAEC result to Akara sellers so that they can make their daily 30k.

3. One thousand Naira

Remember those rare visitors who used to dash you money during festive periods as a kid? If you were lucky to get one thousand Naira then, omo, it’d feel like you’d made it in life. Now, those glory days are over. One thousand Naira is the new ten Naira. Life tuff.

4. Business centres

The good old days of 20 Naira per minute when you sneak out and pay someone to use their phone to talk to your crush without worrying that your strict Nigerian parents would catch you are over. Now, they mostly sell recharge cards or offer POS services. Team Gen Z cannot relate sha.

5. Home video rental stores

Netflix who? These OGs saved lives back in the late 2000s; from Naruto to Avatar, and every “Jackie Chan” movie, there was always something new to rent.

6. Street Games

How many kids do you catch outside playing suwe, ten ten, or heavenly king these days? The games that make us nostalgic about our childhoods have almost gone extinct thanks to smart devices. But hey, tech is the future. Who are we to complain?

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