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7 People You Need To Avoid At Your Next Family Gathering

Family events are a lot. For starters, these things are very chaotic and more stressful than they ought to be. If you want to have the best experience you can have, you might want to avoid these sets of people.

1. The elderly uncle that insults you because you didn’t greet them properly

“Is that how you greet your parents?”

2. The “When will you marry” gang

What else is new?

3. And the “You’ve added weight oh”

Okay, next?

4. The younger distant cousin that thinks you’re now mates because you finished university together

Respect your elders, abeg.

5. Or your IJGB cousin whose mission is to kill you with questions

Ask your parents. Don’t kill me.

6. Your father’s close friend that thinks you’re wasting your time because you haven’t gone back to school

But what’s your own?

7. Your younger cousins who think you’re the entire family’s ATM machine 

Don’t you have parents?

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